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    We sleeve
    We can sleeve almost anything with our machines
    Fast changeover times guarantee fast processing
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    Own workshop
    Customised forming shoulders = flexibility
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    With our own fleet
    we offer full-service
    collection and delivery of your goods
    on time and on schedule

Machine with sleeve device

Our modern machine park has high-performance machines that have been specially manufactured for sleeve production. Fast changeover times due to our own innovative adaptations of the machines guarantee fast processing of your products.
Some products may not be opened in the shop for hygienic reasons. This also includes cosmetic products.

Some products should remain together because they are to be sold as promotional items. For example, mascara and eyeliner. Two small individual products that are displayed together as a promotional
pack in the sales display.

Directly related is the presentation of your sleeved products.
We also take care of the display assembly or placement and prepare them for sale.

Your requirements are an incentive for us to take on new challenges every day.

If you are not yet clear about your new concept, please contact us in advance. Together we will work out a viable overall solution.

Well-known customers make use of our services, we are also happy to take on your requirements.