We are in constant change, which we have been following for over 30 years.

The market and our customers expect compliance with the required criteria in terms of prices, deadlines and quality, in addition to additional services / special requests.

The core objective of our company is to be a leader compared to our competitors using modern technologies and processes (manufacturing, management, IT structure, systems, processes and quality and quality management standards).

This also includes that we:

  • belong to the most customer-friendly companies. Customers are always welcome in our company.
  • We advise and support our customers in partnership. We orient ourselves according to your needs and wishes. The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us.
  • Avoid mistakes. Eliminate admitted mistakes with all their consequences.
  • Promote a lively exchange of experience through intensive communication between management and employees. This reduces the reaction time within the company.
  • Create awareness that each employee is responsible for the quality of his work.
  • Promote motivation, which is the basis of performance and quality awareness.
  • Have motivated and satisfied employees. These ensure our success.
  • To put the human being in the center and to guarantee a right to safety and preservation of the job. The qualification of our employees and the resulting assumption of responsibility contributes significantly to the success of the company and is promoted by the management.
  • Treat resources and our environment with care.
  • Ensure customer satisfaction through continuous improvement in all areas of the company.